things every good home bar needs

5 Things Every Good Home Bar Needs

5 Things Every Good Home Bar Needs

Don’t get me wrong, I like ripping up the d-floor at my local establishment as much as the next fun-loving lady *but* drinking at home does come with its benefits. Like the ability to free-pour your spirits and forgo a bra for a start. So today, I want to share the 5 things every good home bar needs. Once you’ve got your set-up complete, you probably won’t want to leave.

1. A Fancy Bar Cart

This and this alone will up your home bar stakes dramatically. Add your favourite drops, and wallah, you’re basically on the set of Mad Men. If you choose one on wheels, you can slide it around the house with you. #InstantBar

round bar cart

2. A cocktail shaker

Shaken, not stirred is the way to drink your caprioskas for SURE. Do it the right way with your very own cocktail shaker. Practice enough and you’ll be pulling out the Cruise moves (Cocktail, 1989) in no time.

Unique brass cocktail shaker

3. Bar Tools

Whether you’re making a martini or labouring over an ice-tea, these tools will make the job a whole lot easier. Also? You’ll look fancy AF crafting cocktails with something other than a spoon!

marble bar tools

4. Glassware

Unless you’re happy to drink straight from the bottle (no judgement), you’ll need some drinking vessels.


5. Alcohol

Ah, I probably should have put this first because it IS rather important. But yes, get some grog. Don’t cheap out either, the better the drop, the better you pull up the next morning. Not that I’m speaking from experience.

Yours in drinking (ir)responsibly sans bra,

Lucy x

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