Settlement Gifts

Settlement Gifts | 5 Unique Real Estate Gift Ideas

Settlement Gifts | 5 unique DIY Real Estate Gift Ideas

DIY Settlement Gifts


When it comes to settlement gifts there are so many options out there. Any good hamper company worth its salt will have a good range of options for this type of gifting, and the choice can be overwhelming. This is why it is often easier and simpler to DIY your settlement gifts.  


Why It’s A Good Idea To DIY Your Settlement Gifts

1. You can control the budget – offer a better value gift to your client that leaves a long-lasting impression.

2. Nothing beats the personal touch – items that are hand-selected show you care and appreciate your clients. Never underestimate the importance of this!

3. Give the gift in personshows your clients that you care and allows you to gauge the reaction to your gift. A hand-written card or note also goes down well!

Delivering this kind of service is so much easier if you DIY! It’s also never a bad idea to have some items at hand that can be used to put together a last-minute gift. Come settlement day you never need to worry about a hamper company delivering on time!


Settlement Gift Ideas From CLINQ

To make things easy, we have put together some ideas for settlement gifts below.

  •  Please note, all prices include alcohol, but do not include boxes, fill or ribbon.

Our team are happy to help you select items to include in your settlement gifts. Please email us  info@clinq.com.au or call 02 4300 9683 (Mon – Fri 9am – 3pm) if you would like more information.

Settlement Gifts - Ideas

1. Champagne & Flutes


The classic celebratory gift! Nothing says congrats like a bottle of champagne! Make sure that your champagne settlement gift stands out from the others, by pairing the bubbly with a stunning pair of champagne flutes.

Unique gifts for special occasions are hard to find. This is why our Copper Stemless Champagne Flutes make perfect keepsake gifts that are the perfect blend of luxury and practicality that will wow your clients. Once the last drop of bubbly has been drunk, they will be able to use their flutes for future celebrations in their new home adding sparkle to every occasion.

Our Copper Stemless Champagne flutes can be purchased with a bottle of Moet or Chandon, ready to be packaged up and gifted to your clients for a truly memorable settlement gift.

  • Chandon & Champagne Flutes –  $47.95 each
  • Moet & Champagne Flutes  – $74.95 each

2. Cheese Board & Cheese Knife Set


Made for sharing, you can never go wrong with a cheeseboard

Our Grey Marble & Timber Cheeseboard and Marble & Timber Cheese Knife Set pair beautifully together making a practical and pretty settlement gift. We can even engrave your company logo on the board, so your clients will always remember who gifted them the board.

Why not pair them up with a bottle of Chandon (or your preferred Champagne)?

You could make it personal by adding a selection of locally produced goodies to give your clients a flavour of what is available locally.

  • Grey marble & timber cheese board and marble & timber cheese knife set – $45.40
  • Engrave your company logo on the board (MOQ of 10) – $52.90
  • Pair it up with a bottle of Chandon (or your preferred champagne) – $75.90

If you are looking to make inroads into the local community then gifts your clients can use and share with their neighbours are perfect. These are the type of gifts that your clients are likely to get out when they invite their new neighbours over for drinks, or a BBQ, prompting questions about where the items are from, which help increase word of mouth for your business.

3. Gourmet Snack Bundle


Perfect for foodies, our gourmet snack bundle contains a delicious selection of snacking essentials. A substantial gift on its own, or include additional local items for extra extravagance.

  • Dukkah, oil, balsamic and dipping dish, teardrop cheese board and timber marble cheese knife. – $39.05
  • Pair it up with a bottle of Chandon (or your preferred champagne) – $62.05

4. Cocktail Set & Glasses


If your clients love to entertain at home, then treat them to a fancy cocktail set and some beautiful glasses. This set could be paired with some local distillery vodka or gin, or a non-alcoholic option. We are certainly starting to see a trend for non-alcoholic options and tasty mocktails. Sans drinks have some great non-alcoholic drinks to add to your gift.

  • Coupe glasses and mixology kit – $57.90
  • Pair it up with a local distillery gin or non-alcoholic drink – $97.90 (approx. – dependant on alcohol selection)

5. Create Your Own From Our Most Popular Products.


Listed below are our recommendations for new home/settlement gifts based on our current bestsellers and feedback from agents.

  • Hammered Copper Glasses
  • Bottle stoppers
  • Whisky glasses
  • Coasters (6 options)
  • Cheese markers
  • Corkscrew and opener sets
  • Cocktail Kits
  • Cocktail Shakers
  • Cheese & Serving Boards

Settlement gifts are a key way to showing your clients a genuine appreciation for their business by leaving them something to remember you and your business by. They are a thank you for putting their faith and trust in you to manage such a HUGE life event.

Settlement gifts can be given to the buyers OR the sellers of a property. If you have done a good job and sold their home then it is a little thank you for trusting you with such a big sale and if you have found them their dream home, it’s a little congratulatory gift to make them feel extra special.


Reasons to give a settlement gift:


  1. To thank your clients.
  2. Encourages repeat business.
  3. Helps to generate repeat business.
  4. Shows appreciation.
  5. Makes your client feel valued.

Our top tips for creating great DIY Settlement gifts:


Make it personal

One size does not fit all, we find that often going with the personal approach works best. Treating your clients like individuals, and paying attention to their needs, and tastes will really pay off.

When often making one of the biggest purchases of their life your clients don’t want to feel like they are just another cog in the property machine. They want to feel special and valued, which is why it pays to keep it personal.

For example if your client is pregnant at the time of purchase a big hamper of beers might not be the best choice!! Even if it can be enjoyed later. Homewares that compliment their new property or a voucher for a local experience may be a more appropriate choice.

Getting to know your clients interests and background can really pay off, so you can get that thank you gift just right.

Champagne and other alcohols are always a good (though often obvious choice) which are generally appreciated – the ritual of popping open a bottle of Champagne to celebrate is a good one! But remember, not everyone drinks alcohol, so it is good to perhaps delve a little deeper. 


Make it Keepsake

No one would agree more than us that a bottle of bubbly or an expensive wine is an awesome gift! But once that last bottle has been poured, the bottle is thrown in the bin the memory is gone. This is why the combination of Champers and beautiful drinkware works so well. We are ALL about practical and pretty gifts!

CLINQ has glasses for all types of drinkers! Flutes and Coupe glasses for Champagne drinkers, whisky glasses, Martini glasses for cocktails and our classic Stemless Copper Glasses which work well for wine and all other drinks.


Make it Local

Flowers, hampers, homewares, alcohol, and food are some of the most common settlement gift options. They are common for a good reason, because everyone loves these kinds of gifts. So how can you make them more thoughtful? 

Think local. 

Finding a gift that supports small businesses around the area will surely add to the uniqueness factor of the gift. You could purchase wine from a local winery or vineyard, a gift basket from a local chocolatier or cheeses from a local farm. 

You could pair a beautiful set of cocktail glasses with a voucher for a cocktail making class at the local bar. That way your clients get the combination of a keepsake gift along with a memorable experience in their (possibly new) local area. 

Creating a hamper with local produce and paring with a standout serving board, or a beautiful set of cheese knives that they can use long after the treats have been devoured is always a popular idea.


Make it sharable

Ah the ritual of sharing! If you are looking to make inroads into the local community then get your clients gifts that they can use and share with their neighbours.

Serving boards, wine glasses and and entertaining accessories all. make great sharable gifts. These are the type of gifts that your clients are likely to get out when they invite there new neighbours over for drinks, or a BBQ..prompting the questions about where the items are from, and increasing word of mouth for your business. 


The key to creating the perfect settlement gifts is keeping it personal, remember little bits of info about your clients so that you can get something that they really love. 

Need help with your settlement gifts?


Please get in touch with us if you have any questions, or would like to know more about the types of settlements gifts that CLINQ can offer.

We can  also offer help and advice with sourcing packaging, fill and ribbon – Please note that non of the above gifting options include this in the pricing.

Contact us at info@clinq.com.au or call our office on 02 4300 9683 between 9am & 3pm weekdays.

We look forward to helping you with all your settlement gifting needs!

The CLINQ team x

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