How to style the perfect cheese board

How to style the perfect cheese board | 5 Top Tips

Style The Perfect Cheese Board With Minimal Effort.

Learning to style the perfect cheese board is a skill worth developing. They are the perfect ‘just threw this together’ dinner idea that looks impressive and is always popular. It also doesn’t require cooking skills! Big bonus if you are the type of person who likes to entertain but not cook!

A beautifully styled cheese board is the perfect way to look like a culinary genius when you lack cooking skills. Guests love them, and they mean that you don’t need to spend hours slaving over a hot stove to achieve an impressive result. They work well for Summer entertaining when you just want something light, and are perfect for enjoying with a glass of full-bodied red in the Winter.

The great thing about a cheese board or platter is that you don’t need to spend a lot to make them look impressive! It’s all in the styling, so read on if you want to learn more about how to style the perfect cheese board or platter.


How to style the perfect cheese board - The farmhouse project

Gif Source – The Farmhouse Project

Top Tip #1 – Get a great cheese board.

Style the perfect cheese board - Timber Marble cheese Board

CLINQ’s Timber Marble Cheese Board


If you are looking to style the perfect cheese board, our first top tip is to start with a good board! Luckily this is something that we can help with!

The best cheese boards are typically made from all-natural materials such as hardwood, and marble. Hardwood is always a popular choice for cheese boards as it looks great and is easy to clean. Also, works great for larger cheese boards, when you don’t want the board to become too heavy.

A marble board, such as our Marble Cheese Board, offers a beautiful and cool surface on which to store cheese and fruit, which is great for outdoor entertaining when the temperatures rise. Marble also great at not absorbing smells as much as wood, which is ideal if you are a fan of smelly cheeses.

How to style the perfect cheese board - Marble Cheese Board


If you are undecided between wood and marble then why not go both? Our Grey Timber Marble Cheese Board offers half and half and is the perfect size for intimate gatherings.

How to style the perfect cheese board - Grey Timber Marble Cheese Board


Size matters 😉 If you have having a large gathering then our Large Cheese Board does the job nicely! The board dimensions are 76cm x 20cm x 3cm giving plenty of room for you to create your feast of cheese, crackers and other delicious nibbles. It’s how to style the perfect cheese board on a grand scale!

How to style the perfect cheese board - large cheese board


Lastly, choose a cheese board with a bit of character and detailing. Remember it’s as much a part of the display as the cheese and other charcuterie goodies! Our Timber Marble Cheese Board is a stunning mix of cool marble and carved mango wood detailing that is sure to wow at your next soirée!

How to style the perfect cheese board

Top tip #2 – Selecting the right cheese

When selecting what cheeses to put on your cheese board, it’s also good to keep in mind shapes: square, round, triangle, sliced. Adding a combination of shapes makes the cheese board more visually interesting, helping you to style the perfect cheese board.

A mix of textures is also important – we’d suggest getting a very soft spreadable cheese, a few hard cheeses in different colours, and something a bit unusual or locally produced to provide a bit of a talking point!

You could also pimp up your cheese board with these fabulous copper cheese markers. Hand-made and in matt copper, a boxed set of 5 markers to let your guests know what they’re nibbling on and steer them in the right direction if they have particular tastes!

When you style the perfect cheese board its all about the extra little touches!


How to style the perfect cheese board - copper marble cheese markers

Serving wine with your cheese board? Why not have a read of our guide to Easy Cheese and Wine Pairings

Top tip #3 – Accompaniments

Accompaniments can really make or break the styling of your cheese boards. They are the perfect for adding interest to your board and getting really creative. They are also the perfect opportunity to use up anything that you have saved in your cupboard or fridge.

Breads and crackers are a given, as they come in handy for eating your cheese, but fruit, veg, spreads, pastes, olives, nuts, dried fruit and herbs all help to add interest. If you have lots of neutral coloured cheeses then adding herbs can really make your board look fresh and lively. 

How to style the perfect cheese board


Things to add to keep it interesting:

  1. Add some charcuterie…aka cured meats. Prosciutto, salami, sopressata, chorizo, or mortadella are all tasty options!
  2. Add savory snacks. Think olives, pickles, roasted peppers, artichokes, tapenades, almonds, cashews, or spicy mustards.
  3. Add something sweet. Think seasonal and dried fruits, candied nuts, preserves, honey, chutney, or even chocolate.
  4. Add something surprisingedible flowers add a fun talking point and make your board look oh-so-pretty or dehydrated fruit to make it look super pretty.


Style the perfect cheese board - edible flowers

Image Source – Mind Body Soul Food

Top tip #4 – The layout

To style the perfect cheese board you will need to gather your selected cheese board along with some small bowls and dishes. Small bowls and mini dishes are a good way to add height and variance to your cheese board composition, and they are essential for containing sauces and pastes or small items such as  olives and nuts.

Dishes like these from Robert Gordon work well to add interest and style to your board or you can look for some hand-crafted dishes on websites like Etsy.

Now you have your board and bowls ready…it’s time to style the perfect cheese board!

How to style the perfect cheese boardImage Source: Heather Bullard


1. Start with the big items – bowls and cheese 

Begin by placing the cheese selections and the bowls and dishes apart from one another throughout the board. This will make sure that the bigger items are not all clumped together and create interesting levels of hight.

2. Add meats, bread, and crackers

These can be placed in the spaces between the cheeses and can snake in and out to create interesting shapes.

3. Fill in big spaces with your accompaniments 

Now take all your smaller accompaniments like nuts and fruit and use these to fill in any spaces. Try to use these in different spots across the board to create balance.

4. Add some olives and pastes and fill any small bowls

Adding these to small ceramic or wooden bowls will instantly elevate your board design and make it look super classy.

5. Tuck some greenery into any space that’s still empty

Tuck greenery, herbs or flowers into any empty spaces to add interest, or simple sprinkle on top of any areas that you think could do with an extra bit of vavavoom!

Top tip #5 –  Don’t forget the cheese knives!

How to style the perfect cheese board - cheese knives

Don’t forget to style the perfect cheese board with those added (practical) items like cheese knives and spreaders!

If you are unsure what you need, here is a handy little run down…..

  • Spreader Knife: For soft cheese, made for putting on crackers or breads
  • Cheese Plane: For hard and semi-firm cheeses, such as pecorino or parmesan. Doubles as server.
  • Spade Knife: For hard cheeses
  • Wide / Flat Knife / Server: For semi-hard cheese and to serve after slicing
  • Fork: To serve cheese after cutting

CLINQ has a great collection, so why not have a browse on our Cheese Lovers page.

Now you know how to style the perfect cheese board what are you going to create? Remember that you can always think outside the box! We love how Almost Makes Perfect has used the whole table to style the perfect cheese board. Now that’s our kind of platter!

If you’re as big a fan of cheese as we are, check out our fabulous range of cheese accessories – time to get styling and see what you can create!

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