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5 New Styles of Glassware For Your Home Bar

5 Styles That EVERY Home Bar Needs

Building up a collection of glassware for your home bar gives you serious entertaining credibility. Also nothing feels better than sipping your favourite tipple from a swanky new glass! Glassware also makes a fabulous gift – In our opinion, you can’t go wrong with a bottle of something special and a standout glass to serve it in.

Whilst it’s obvious what type of glass some drinks should be served in, it’s less clear for others. So read on if you would like to know a little more about glassware and what to serve in your favourite new glass 😉

I think that we can all agree that Coupe Glasses look as fancy AF and make any drinks cabinet look super swanky! The coupe glass was invented in England in the mid-1600s for serving Champagne. However, the shape of these classy glasses are not the best for keeping your bubbly super sparkly (though it does depend on how quickly you drink!) which is why the flute shaped Champagne glasses gained popularity for serving up champers!

Of course, as with anything in life, there are no hard and fast rules and there are many who prefer the coupe for Champagne as the wide bowl allows the drink to open up to give a ‘fuller’ taste – allowing you to experience more of the flavour and not just the bubbles. It’s just a matter of personal preference! At Clinq HQ we love to drink champagne from a coupe because it just makes us feel that bit more glamorous!

Nowadays the coupe glass is popular for serving drinks that are shaken or stirred until chilled and served without ice. Its elegant stem also helps prevent your hand from warming up your drink too quickly.

So what should you be serving in your super sexy glasses…well we are glad that you asked! Margaritas, Daiquiris and Manhattans are classic choices but there are so many more exciting options to choose from!

If you are thinking of expanding your glassware collection an elegant coupe glass is highly recommended!

Any respecting Martini simply wouldn’t be the same without its accompanying, iconic Martini glass! There is a reason that when you type ‘cocktail’ into your phone it suggests a martini glass emoji! Also sometimes referred to as the Cocktail glass (though the Martini glass is supposed to have a much larger bowl), the Martini glass is probably the most famous glass in the world of drinking.

Our favourite drinks to serve in the martini glass (apart from the classic) are of course the variations that you can make – french martini, vodka martini, espresso martini and appletini. Also, the much-maligned Cosmopolitan made famous in the early 2000s by Sex and the City can also be served in this classic cocktail shape.

So why is a Martini glass shaped that way? – The cone shape helps to help maintain temperature, keeps the ingredients pushed together, and provides a nice large surface area for aroma. So now you know.

A classic Martini glass is an essential piece of glassware for any home bar.

Mixing a cocktail with bubbly mixers or sparkling wines? Choose champagne flutes to keep them fizzy for longer. Their narrow shape traps in the effervescence, while their height offers room for eye-catching – and tasty – additions such as fresh seasonal fruit, colourful juices, citrus twists and even edible glitter to create the perfect celebratory drink.

While our Stemless Champagne Flutes are copper (so not technically glassware) we thought they deserved a mention as not only do they look awesome, they are also perfect for picnics and alfresco dining, and great for serving up other bubbly drinks such as your classic brunch drinks like the Mimosa and the Bellini and other bubbly delights such as Prosecco (a lunchtime fave)

There are also some amazing non-alcoholic bubbles that you can try. Our personal favourite is Thomson & Scott Noughty Rose available at Sans Drinks

Looking for the perfect gift? Well, look no further than our Champagne gift boxes a complete gift with all you need for any occasion.

Our ever-popular copper Moscow mule mugs are a must-have for any home bar set up or outdoor picnic set. Not only do they look stunning…but they are also pretty nifty at keeping your drinks super chilled!

Don’t drink Moscow mules? (if not, why not….they are pretty good!) Fear not, these copper mugs pair well with other drinks too! Margaritas, Gin and tonic, Mojitos, Pimms, Bloody Mary, Long Island Ice Tea, Tom Collins, Cuba Libre and Dark n Stormy...just to name a select few! Also, since they retain both hot and cold so beautifully, copper mugs are great for warmer drinks like Glühwein (or Mulled wine) for the winter months.

Fun fact: Copper also has the unique feature of helping to ‘flavour’ many distilled spirits by neutralizing the presence of impurities in the mash.

Although these mugs fall more under the drinkware category than glassware – we guarantee that you will be grabbing them from drinks cabinet for all your favourite drinks!

While wine is the obvious choice of what to serve in these beauties…they still work equally as well for cocktails! Like our Copper Moscow Mule Mugs, the properties of the copper work especially well at keeping your drinks cool.

These stemless wine glasses make an excellent alternative to traditional wine glassware on your table setting and are bound to make a statement at any dinner party. We also find them studier and less easy to knock over…which is handy when you have had a few!

We hope that our handy glassware guide has helped you decide which glasses you need to create your own home bar….though we think that all of them are pretty essential!

The Clinq Team x

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