Entertaining Ideas for Lockdown

Entertaining Ideas for Lockdown

Entertaining Ideas for Lockdown

So, here we are again. In the thick of lockdown with nowhere to go (well unless you count the daily walk and supermarket dash’s!) and nothing to do. As an extroverted introvert, lockdowns are kinda fun (hello no people!) and kinda lonely without my tried and true drinking buddies.

If you, like me, are craving a good old chinwag, a bit of fun and a lovely drop or two of something alcoholic WITH friends, I’ve created the ultimate list of entertaining ideas for lockdown. Just because you are stuck at home, doesn’t mean you can’t take your usual weekend catch-ups virtual AND make them more fun and interactive.

Copper Hammered Glasses

WARNING: not having a barman to actually measure the alcohol quantity in your drinks may result in crazy free pours and a throbbing head the next day.

Entertaining Ideas for Lockdown #1 Host a virtual games night

If you’re missing your weekly pub trivia or just want to shake things up, a games night is the way to go! Some of the best zoom-friendly games nights include: 

  • Charades – easy peasy and it gets funnier the more you drink!
  • 20 questions – this is one way to get to know your friends. Get each person to come up with a list of 20 questions (the quirkier the better) and take turns quizzing each other. 
  • Kahoots – a free app where you can pick from a range of trivia genres. The host shares the questions on the screen and each party-goer selects answers on their own device.


And then there’s the old favourite ‘never have I ever’. Get each participant to state something they haven’t done Ie: ‘never have I ever been arrested’ and anyone who has done the said activity? Downs a shot!

shot glasses

Entertaining Ideas for Lockdown #2: Host a virtual wine tasting

Missing your local wineries? Why not order a six pack for you and your friends and host a wine tasting night? Make sure everyone orders the same wine, decide on the order of wine tasting and if you really want to go full-hog with it, get each participant a wine tasting paddle. I’ve included the typical wine tasting order to get your party started. 

Wine Tasting Order

  • Sparkling wines (champagne, prosecco) 
  • Light white wines (pinot grigio) 
  • Bold white wines (chardonnay, oaked white wines) 
  • Rosé and Orange Wines 
  • Light red wines (pinot noir, grenache)
  • Bold red wines (cabernet, shiraz) 
  • Sweet wines (riesling, dessert wine)

Oh and don’t forget the cheese! I’ve curated the ultimate cheese and wine pairing list here.

wine paddle

Entertaining Ideas for Lockdown #3: Host a virtual dinner party

I’ve done this before and I have to say, it’s a good one. Now, there’s two ways to do this…the lazy way or the fancy way. The lazy way is grabbing a couple of bottles of wine, ordering uber eats and ensuring all your virtual attendees do the same. 

The fancy way involves cooking and planning. As a group, choose and entree, main and desert. Take your ipad to the kitchen as you tackle the recipes (however involved they are!) together. Then sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labour, virtually/together!

Entertaining Ideas for Lockdown

Entertaining Ideas for Lockdown #4: Host a virtual cocktail party

Your favourite bar might be closed but that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate your favourite cocktail with friends with a virtual cocktail party

There are a million ways you can run your event. I’d suggest choosing 2-3 cocktails for the group to make together. Send through a shopping list and get ready to mix via zoom. 

You can make this soiree as paired back or as fancy as you like. You can theme it, James Bond or The Great Gatsby are popular choices. Spice it up with appetisers and a good cheese platter. 

If you’re really feeling it, why not create a Spotify Playlist so everyone in the virtual room is riding the same vibes? 

Copper Mug and Cocktail Shaker

Sending all the love and virtual party vibes.

Lucy x

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