Copper Cups – Perfect for Cocktails

Copper cups

Copper Cups – Perfect for Cocktails

First of all, copper cups not only look fantastic but, they are great for cocktails. This is because they take on the icy-cool temperature of the drink keeping them cooler for longer. Bars commonly use copper drink-ware for many well-known favourite cocktails; the most popular being the Moscow Mule. Clinq’s copper cups are a twist on the stemless wine glass and bring a pizazz to cocktail cups. Our copper cups are handmade in India from solid copper, and are perfect for any type of cocktail your desire. Wine and soft drinks also work well; we especially love anything with crushed ice! Copper is naturally a very reactive material, and as a result if untreated, forms a patina which could ‘bleed’ into drinks. Clinq’s cups are coated in a food-safe clear lacquer which means they stay sparkling for longer, and stops the patina from forming.

Best Copper Cups in Australia

These stunningly shaped and hand-hammered stemless copper cups are Clinq’s best seller in the Copper Collection range. A black gift-style box houses the unique pair of glasses and makes the perfect present for any cocktail lover. When a bartender pours a cold cocktail into a copper cup, the cup collects condensation giving a very cool appearance. You’ll certainly be impressing your friends when you serve up a homemade cocktail in these cups.

Copper Cups

For cocktail inspiration, Clinq shares a great blog on wine-cocktails or check out the fantastic recipes at Keep Calm and Cocktail.

Keep Calm and Cocktail is a cocktail events and consulting company that teaches people how to make professional cocktails. Not only does the KCC team give modern recipes with a twist, but they will soon be introducing a subscription service. Customers will be able to subscribe to world-class recipes, and furthermore, a blog and bar store. Keep Calm and Cocktail’s goal is for people to drink better from the comfort of their own homes. No more $20 cocktails, no more Lock-out laws!

Check out their website http://keepcalmandcocktail.com.au/ for more great cocktail ideas and recipes!

Note: Although a clear lacquer protects our copper cups, they still need some low-key maintenance and care to ensure they keep their shine. Because of the reactive nature of copper, liquid should not be left in them for extended periods (i.e. overnight). They are also not dishwasher friendly. For more information on caring for your copper cups, please check out our info page here.

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