Copper Care

Both beautiful and supremely functional, copper is enjoying a well-deserved surge in popularity in the homes throughout Australia, whether it’s in the kitchen, lounge or dining table. Copper has a gorgeous rose-coloured glow and most pieces can be allowed to naturally acquire a rich bronze patina, or they can be polished to a gleaming finish, as you prefer.

Copper is an essential trace mineral in the human body, playing a role in making red blood cells and maintaining nerve cells and the immune system. Many believe that drinking from copper vessels (in moderation) carry health benefits such as strengthening the immune system, brain stimulation and aiding weight loss to name a few. Clinq doesn’t claim that drinking wine from our copper glasses will result in health miracles (sorry!), but we would stress that it is completely safe to do so, providing the care instructions are followed.

Clinq’s Copper Collection stemless wine glasses are coated inside and out with a clear food-safe lacquer that will help to maintain the glasses surface gleam, but over time they will eventually begin to tarnish and will require some low-key maintenance.


  1. Never put copper in the dishwasher, and never use steel wool or abrasive sponges or scrubbers to clean it, as they can scratch copper’s surface.
  2. Do not to let the wine sit in the copper glasses for extended periods (i.e. overnight). Wine is acidic and will increase the rate of tarnishing.
  3. After washing copper, dry it immediately; do not let it soak overnight. Water left on copper will increase the rate at which it tarnishes.
  4. If a surface is not going to touch food, it is perfectly acceptable to let a greenish patina develop over time, if you like. However, if the copper is going to come into contact with food or drink, it should be polished periodically, or the verdigris can rub off in the food or drink.
  5. Cleaning of your copper glassware can be done easily and with natural products found in your home. See our suggestions below.


Depending on the level of tarnish build up, follow the below steps until your copper has reclaimed its gleam:


  1. First try using a damp cloth with just some dish-washing detergent on the tarnished areas.
  2. Create a paste with vinegar and salt and rub onto the effected areas with a soft cloth and allowing it to sit for a few minutes before wiping clean.
  3. For a deeper clean, create a paste from lemon and salt and work into the effected areas with a soft cloth, again, letting it sit for a few minutes.


Just as important as knowing how to clean copper the right way is how to dry it properly. Copper must always be rinsed and dried thoroughly after being cleaned. Any acid, abrasive, or water left on the piece will create uneven splotches and water marks. To get a glistening finish, use one soft cloth or kitchen towel to carefully dry and a second cloth to buff.