CLINQ design process

CLINQ Design Process, Behind the Scenes

CLINQ Design Process: BTS At HQ

Something you may not know is that I design every product here at Clinq. Our very first range was born out of a legitimate desire for eye-catching, practical glassware. I didn’t want fragile pieces that could be smashed after one too many [so guilty of this!] but I also didn’t want glassware that looked nasty. So, I launched our copper glassware range. It was a raging success! What started as a side-hustle has now become a bonafide full-time gig. The beauty of that? I can design MORE.

Another thing I keep semi-secret is that I am a little on the OCD side. I know, a creative, extrovert, engineer with OCD qualities…it’s a weird mix. BUT, I think those extremes come in handy when I’m designing. It’s the obsession with the detail of each piece that sets our glassware apart. So, today I want to share the CLINQ design process; how I go about creating new designs with you. I’m even sharing one of our new products that will *hopefully* arrive in June. I can’t wait!

The Idea

So, the idea for my latest creation came to me mid-martini, as all good ideas do! I was sipping thatcrisp, salty, delicious drop and staring at the glass. I wondered why all martini glasses looked the same. I mean, was there a memo that went around to glass blowers to say the stem must be ‘yay high’ with a triangular opening, a flat base and no fancy bits?!

I grabbed my sketchbook and started playing around with the shape. I was dreaming of heavier glass. One that would feel special holding. I also wanted to do something a little different with the base.

clinq design process

The Design

I played with the volume of the glass. I increased the depth. I completely changed the shape. Being known for copper, I knew I wanted to include copper or metal somewhere but where?

When I added the ball base, I wondered if it was possible to create it with a metallic appearance.

the design

I consulted my colleagues of the furry variety and they concurred. It could be done!

clinq officemates


Now that I had the design down pat (sort of), I wanted to make sure it was viable. I sent all specs through to our manufacturers to create a new mold so they could produce a sample.

It’s always nerve-wracking at this stage because what I think is possible is sometimes just not. Or, it’s too expensive to produce. As much as I’d love to create a $200 glass, I know none of you would buy it so making the piece accessible is important.

On this occasion though, I got the green light. I was absolutely chuffed because I know nothing similar is available in Australia. I also knew (being an engineer) the piece would work. The weight of the ball meant it could support the glass. Woohoo!


Ahhh, the fun bit. Once the sample arrives, I get to test it for functionality, durability and check the piece is just as pretty as I first imagined.

After many martini’s, I can confirm this piece meets all of the above and more! When holding it, I’ve noticed it’s a bit larger than I’d anticipated but after trying it, I’m kinda glad it is. Because, a) it holds more and b) it’s comfier to hold.

clinq product testing

clinq product testing

Order & Launch

I’ve now placed my order and am working on the launch as well as the packaging design. Launching a new product means photography, social media planning, content marketing and advertising. It’s a big process for sure but I adore it. I just *know* you’re going to love this new range just as much as I do.

I’m not sure if you noticed but, I’ve got a sneaky matching shot glass coming too!

clinq martini glass


This whole process from idea to design, manufacturing, ordering and launching can take anywhere from 6 months to a year! It’s true when you support a small business, you are well and truly supporting someone’s dreams. I know it sounds cliche but by the time I’ve launched a product, I’ve scrutinised it, tweaked it and perfected it over and over again.

I can’t wait to tell you more! They should be here in June but if you want to be the first to know when it’s available, sign up for our mailing list.

Yours in glassware,

Lucy x

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