Australia’s Best Camping Wine Glasses

Camping Wine Glasses

Australia’s Best Camping Wine Glasses

The struggle is real; you want to spend the weekend like a real-life Bear Grylls, but you also want a little luxury. I mean it is a get-away after all and camping shouldn’t mean drinking wine out of plastic camping wine glasses. This is where we come in; Clinq adds the GLAM into glamping. We’ve got your camping wine glasses covered with our copper collection stemless wine glasses. These unbreakable beauties are the perfect alternative to plastic glasses, not to mention they look MUCH more stylish. And the best thing is, you don’t even have to restrict yourself to drinking wine from them… Their versatile shape lends itself to water, juice or your favourite spirit and mixers. Why not add some fruit to spice it up?

Clinq’s Copper Camping Wine Glasses

Camping Wine GlassesAustralian-designed and handmade in India from solid copper.

If you’re wondering if it leaves a funny taste in your mouth like other metal camping wine glasses, then don’t – our copper glasses are coated in a food-safe clear lacquer to keep the copper out and to keep them looking beautiful for longer. An all-round win win!

If you’re stuck for ideas for what wines to take with you on your next camping trip, then let us point you in the direction of the Wine Pantry; a small family-owned Australian business that donate $5-$25 to charity with every purchase. They have a great collection of fantastic wines which will get you through the evenings (as well as the kid-filled daytimes!) – check out their selection here: www.thewinepantry.com.au/wine/.

Wine Cocktails Ideas for your Camping Wine Glasses

Alternatively, check out our Wine cocktail recipes blog to spice things up; such as some mulled wine on the camp stove made from a few simple ingredients to keep yourselves snug on those chilly camping evenings. If it’s feeling a bit steamy, then maybe go for a fruity Sangria – Clinq’s copper drinkware are the perfect camping wine glass solution for both cool and warm drinks.

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