CLINQ’s Story

Hey there, thanks for stopping by! I’m Lucy, founder of CLINQ and wine-lover extraordinaire. I thought I’d take this opportunity to give you the low-down on me and the CLINQ story, so you can get to know our brand and join us on our wine-loving adventure.

A rocket scientist who loves being social?!

Living on the sunny Central Coast, NSW, I’m originally an engineer and designer, a rocket scientist to be precise, so that does lend to some interesting character quirks [slightly geeky, extremely OCD]. The engineer cliché I don’t live up to is that of being introverted; I’m a social butterfly and even more so with a glass of wine in my hand!

It’s my love of social occasions, be it an intimate dinner for two or a large event, that has been the main inspiration for CLINQ. Mingling, chatting and laughing nourishes genuine connections, long-lasting friendships and beautiful memories – all things that are incredibly important to me.

I also like shiny, pretty things. So when you put everything together, you can see why I decided to design a range of dazzling copper glassware; social gatherings with well-made shiny pretty things makes me happy [and a lot of you by the looks of it]!

We march to the beat of our own drum.

As a designer, I like to find my own style rather than follow trends. Now I know that our products are a bit ‘left of centre’ but they are designed to be different and STAND OUT. I’m going for the WOW factor, so you can have that sense of exclusivity and indulgence.

These qualities also make them rank high on the gifting wish-list, so if you’re looking for that elusive keepsake gift [one that’s actually practical too, not like Nanna’s crystal glasses] then look no further. Plus, they’re popular with men, so you’re onto a WINNER [which coincidentally is a blend of WINE + DINNER].

OCD: Our secret weapon. 

Now onto a serious note about our products, I am SERIOUS about quality and design, this is where my OCD-ness becomes my best strength. The inner-perfectionist demon in me comes out when it comes to design detail, packaging and quality control. Call me detail-obsessed, but that’s one of CLINQ’s key values and what I want the brand to be known for.

Share the love. 

I truly hope you feel inspired by our products and I wish you to have as much fun using them as I do designing them. We love to see your pretty faces/delicious platters/wine party snaps so please feel free to share your memorable moments with us on Instagram or drop us an email.

Yours in drinking [ir-]responsibly


Lucy Holland CLINQ